We were expecting to be in Porto by now.  We caught the ferry to Santander on Friday after a frantic week of final preparations, stayed in a nice little hotel just along the coast, as all the campsites seemed to be shut in the north and then drove to Orviedo and then south over the mountains.  There is a long climb to get south to Portugal and the car started sending us fault messages and then went into limp mode and could barely get up the hill.  There was a 2 mile long tunnel coming up so we called out the roadside assistance people. After a long convoluted conversation that emptied my mobile credit they worked out where we were and about an hour later a nice mechanic came to pick us up.  We are now staying back in Orvieda at the expense of our travel insurance and waiting to hear if they can fix the truck.  We think it might be sulking as we christened it Camel yesterday.  I managed to make myself understood in Spanish and we are enjoying the lovely Spanish food and drink and the very attractive old town here.