We are still in Orvieda waiting to see if they can fix the Camel.  It has now been taken to the Land Rover dealer in Orvieda it self so we walked over there to find out what is going on. My Spanish was not up to explanations about problems with the turbo but they found a nice woman called Sara to translate that it was just something that needed greasing.  Seeing as it has twice refused to climb the mountain and has gone into ‘get you home’ mode both times we asked them to test it to see if it will actually go all the way to the top.

Orvieda is a great place to get stuck.  The local cider is pretty foul but they pour it in a most amusing manner. The local bars are cheap and friendly and give out heaps of free tasty tapas.  The people are very friendly, generous and helpful. They will phone up the place you are looking for to help you find it.  We were even given a free brandy in a restaurant after we told the waiter how much we like the place.  It would be nice to start our adventures properly and even stay in the tent, which has not yet left the car.Image