This is so exciting- we have finally left Oviedo.  It was starting to feel like Groundhog Day and that we would be there for years until we finally appreciated the finer points of tapas (we do actually, yum)Image, but we are now camping (yeh).  It was a tense half hour as we climbed the mountain after picking up Camel from the Land Rover garage- the problem involved a sticky turbo valve thingy, apparently- and passing the two previous places where we got stuck was quite something.

The journey here was quite a change- after the mountains there is a long way to go over very flat country with not a lot to see. The high spot (apart from actually travelling) was stopping for a snack at a small town bar where we were given a half of lager and three types of tapas for under 5 Euros for both of us.  You can eat for very little around here.  We decided to chance finding a campsite in Salamanca and here we are in a lovely site, next to a river, called Camping Don Quixote.  It is full of Brits, Dutch, Germans and one or two Spanish.  We caught the bus into Salamanca today and it is as gorgeous as they say in the old town near the university.  The buildings are exquisitely carved and in fantastic condition, probably because the locals always supported whoever was winning in any war that came their way.