We had a lovely day yesterday. We walked along the river into the city, stopped for a beer and then back again.  The path is very well used and we were frequently passed by joggers and cyclists of all types and even a couple of motorcyclists.  The birdsong was wonderful and undermined my belief that all tiny birds get shot for the pot in Spain (dang- there goes another prejudice).  The river bank is green and lovely and, if you could relax without worrying about being tipped into the river by yet another child wobbling on a bicycle or a grim faced chap in Sky lycra, it could be paradise.

We met up with Trish who dared to come and try my undercooked kebabs (forgot the tongs and the skewers were catching fire on the griddle).  She is one feisty and interesting lady, who has been travelling with Coco the Briarde in her camper van since December.  We had a blast chatting to her and it was interesting to hear that she has also fallen in love with Spain and the Spanish.  I hope we bump into each other again.