We set off feeling good until we hit the next big climb up a mountain and then ‘bingly’ up comes the warning message.  Again.  What is this major engine fault?  We decided that a good long break would be a good idea to let Camel’s engine calm down and stop her feeling scared of the slope.  There are loads of little villages skirting the A66 so you would think all those motorway signs that showed food and a rest would mean something.  After three goes we realised we were in a ski area (yes, they have such places in Spain) and they were nearly uninhabited.  We eventually found a shop to buy bread and ham so we didn’t starve.

The route from Salamanca to Cáceres is very beautiful and we loved it despite worrying if we were going to get stuck up a mountain again….


We stopped at the Municipal campsite just north of Cáceres and it was a bit of a shock after the previous place. Very formal with very strict pitches and rules but, joy, our own personal bathroom right next to our pitch.  That was a real first.

Cáceres itself has a lovely old walled town at its centre which is very well preserved and reminded me very much of Valderrobres in the north of Spain.  I was a little concerned about the statue for advertising ice-cream (this one has lost its cone, usually there was ice-cream eating ice-cream…mmmm yum)


Our neighbours in the campsite had a little happy dog called…….




We have now moved on after two nights and are staying at an idyllic and very cheap campsite near Évoramonte in Portugal because we hope this route is a bit flatter than going back through Spain.  Here’s hoping…..