It has turned out to be a good choice, driving through Portugal along the coastal route.  Not only has Camel been as good as gold, but it was absolutely beautiful.  All the way through we could see lovely views over both hills and the sea and the side of the road had so many wild flowers that it looked almost surreal.  They seem to have a much better class of yellow daisy in Portugal!  We drove right up to A Coruña and then on round the coast.  The northern coast of Spain has magnificent scenery without scary drops (always a much appreciated omission), together with a very twisty and up and down road that put Camel through her paces.  It was, however, both interesting and sad to see the signs of the cancelled extension to the North Coast Motorway from Bilbao.  There were so many unfinished earthworks and gashes in parts of the landscape, the money must have run out.

We have noticed that Spain and Portugal treat each other with a little suspicion or contempt (not certain which yet). When you look at the weather map in Spain there is a big gap over Portugal.  Apparently Portugal has no weather.  On the other hand when you reach the border into Spain from Portugal, all you get on the signs is ‘Espanha’ and no towns.  It reminded me of trying to cross the border between Northern Ireland and Eire in Derry/Londonderry- no signs and very few ways between the two countries.

We came up here with the hope that we could find a camp site, but so far nothing doing.  I do not think that Spaniards like camping in the cold.  We have had to give up and find an hotel (so sad, fluffy towels and no nasty mozzies).  Perhaps I will have to toughen up a bit.