Phew! Camel has had her extra fuel tank fitted with only days to spare. She has changed a lot over the last 20 months. Firstly, we were helped by Nene Overland who fitted the dual battery system (good investment as we have since managed to run our fridge for 5 days without moving the car to recharge the batteries) together with the specially adapted roof rack and awning. They also supplied us with our wonderful Tentipi and Tentipi stove. We were set on a roof tent, but, having looked a couple it seemed a harsh place to sleep if you ever needed a wee at night. The guys at Nene showed us the error of our ways We are fast approaching 60, so…. You can also stand up in a Tentipi, and that is not to be sniffed at.
Since Tim has retired, he has changed the air suspension for coil springs, replaced most of the hoses and filled Camel with Evans Waterless Coolant, moved the spare tyre from under the car to a carrier on the back, moved the awning further back on the roof rack to make it more comfortable to cook in the rain, fitted an aluminium sheet on the roof rack to make storage and the rack sack work better, removed all of the rear seats, constructed a sleeping platform and then temporarily removed it because we realise we will not feel the need of it until we get to South America.He has also fitted a winch.
We are not serious offroaders, we just want to go overland to as many places as possible. The changes that we have made give us the confidence that we can cope with most things and can be a little adventurous.