We are starting to feel as if our travels are getting properly underway. Over the last 3 days we have travelled over 700 miles, through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and into the south of Denmark.
A few observations about the journey. We liked Belgium (what we saw of it); it is prosperous and welcoming and feels a very comfortable place to be. But it is really, really flat. The motorway was so unremarkable that Tim actually said ‘Oh look, an hotel’ at one stage. Oh yes, and most rest stops have no loos.
The journey was lifted a little by listening to local radio stations. The radio managed to retune itself to radio two in every country and you would hardly know the difference as the music was virtually the same- British and American and very familiar. We think there was some excitement about some football tournament on German radio, something about 100 thousand people hanging around the Brandenburg gate all excited about the ‘Zigger Flieger’. Weirdly the radio responded to German efficiency by displaying the names of all the songs, together with the artists that were playing, something it has never done before.
We tried to find a campsite just north of Osnabruck, but all we could find was a youth hostel and what looked like an RV park with a closed reception. It was getting late, pouring with rain… What can I say. The very non-p.c. hunting hotel we stayed in had great food, wine and fluffy towels.. Its a hard life but you just have to put up with it sometimes.
We are now staying in the most delightful campsite (Loddenhoj Camping) right on the edge of the Baltic. It is just north of Aarenraa in South Jutland and we are currently looking at the most wonderful view.

The internet is very slow here so I will add some pictures when I can.