Firstly here are some photos I couldn’t upload due to awful Wi-fi in Denmark

If you have a bread emergency...

If you have a bread emergency in Belgium…

Count the Dead Animals!

Count the Dead Animals! The most non p.c. hotel in Germany (smoking also allowed).  A great place to stay if you are not a fox.

As the owner said, a one star campsite with a five star view.

As the owner said, a one star campsite with a five star view. (just north of Aabenraa, south Denmark overlooking the Baltic

I loved this little chap

I found this bug near Hirtshals

It doesn't always rain here

It doesn’t always rain here (Beach just East of Hirtshals North Denmark)

These were 30m from us

These were 30m from our tent (North Denmark)

The Bromptons have their uses

The Bromptons have their uses- the Irish bar in Hirtshals

Distance so far: 920 miles by road and about 600 miles by sea

Days travelling 9  Days without any rain 4

So here we are on the Faroe Islands and it is starting to get really exciting. The loading of the ferry was certainly different- they fit the vehicles in so tightly that Tim had to climb out through the passenger side and it took 2 1/2 hours to fit everyone in. You even had to fold your wing mirrors in. The voyage here, however, was without incident (apart from the shock at the price of beer, ouch, over £6 a pint) and as smooth as silk.  I can’t imagine it’s always like that. The ferry dropped us off at 10 30 last night so we are booked into the pleasantly welcoming Hotel Torshavn and have enjoyed the comfortable beds and the excellent wi-fi connection (at last, yeh!).
Since my last post:
We drove up through Denmark in a remarkably short time- it is just over 200 miles from the boarder to the Northern coast. I always thought of Denmark as a much larger place.  It is rather like driving through Wilshire on the wrong side of the road with a LOT of wind turbines.  I like Denmark very much.  The people are friendly and helpful, the land is gentle and pretty, it feels safe, there are thatched cottages, the most beautiful coastline and all in all it is well worth a visit. And there are no tolls on any of the motorways the whole way here.  If you want to get away from your fellow countrymen, this is the place to be.  We only saw one other lot of Brits until we got on the ferry.

Since we spent so long on the motorway, here are some thoughts about drivers: Tim and I have long held the belief that if someone comes steaming up behind you on a continental motorway, they are most likely to be Belgian and we had decided that they are the most bonkers drivers in Europe. This is another misconception I have had to rethink. In Belgium most drive in a fairly calm and sensible manner on the motorway. We found the Dutch and German drivers way more pushy. The unlimited autobahns can be terrifying; I am certain that some drivers passed us at about 160 mph (not exaggerating here) and we once saw a motorbike at a very similar speed closely followed by two very pushy cars who passed him very closely, barely waiting for him to change lanes. Tim was more than happy to pootle along in the slow lane with the lorries (which has done wonders for our fuel consumption).

We spent two lovely days in blazing sunshine in a campsite just west of Hirtshals, North Denmark. There was a very pretty walk through a nature reserve to a massive sandy beach, perfect weather and friendly campers.  Camel and the Tentipi caused quite a stir with the other campers.  There were several comments of ‘what a beautiful tent’ (they like their camping in Denmark) and one old boy kept coming up to ask about Land Rovers, apparently they cost a bomb here.  He also thought that the snorkel was a camera for reversing.  One other thing we learnt is that Danes do not say please or thank you when being polite, they say ‘Tag’ (I think it is) in stead which means ‘good'(?)

We had to use up all our meat, veg and dairy on the last day because you are not allowed to bring that to the Faroe Islands.  It was one hell of an omelette!  We also had to drink lots of wine to make sure that we were not over the limit there.  You do not need a passport to get into the Faroe Islands but you do have to go through customs- they didn’t find our two apples, ha! (if you are a customs official, I mean all our iPhones).

In the bar last night we met some minor Land Rover celebrities.  Ralph, Belinda and Matilda (their Discovery 1) were part of a group I read about in the LRO Magazine that had driven all the way up to Northkap in the far north of Denmark with a group of other adventurous types in horrible weather.  It made me feel better to hear that Belinda is just as scared of being next to sheer drops as I am.

So now we are about to go out in the drizzle and set up camp mort east of Torshavn to check out if it really is as wet and windy as they say.