The journey so far:
32 days on the road:
2850 miles by land, about 1000 miles by sea,
Days without any rain 8
Nights camping 26 Nights in hotels 3 Nights at sea 3
Countries visited 7
Days driven out of our tent by the weather 1

After the excitement of driving down the 4 x 4 track and to the glacier, we came back to the campsite for a little necessary make do and mend and then we had a lovely relaxed afternoon in the blazing sun. Yes, it is true that such days do occur in Iceland. The wind dropped and it was almost too hot for me. The sunlight must be very watered down here, because I have not burnt once, despite not using any factor at all.
The afternoon felt especially good because I managed to Skype my son with his fiancé and my lovely granddaughter as well as my daughter later on. I got my granny and mummy fix all in one day.
That evening, as we were cooking the pork curry, a nice young man came up to chat to us and it turned out that we had actually camped next to him and his chum on the first night in Seydisfjordur (the ferry port).

1 Robert and chum

They were from Berlin and we had a drink with them in the bar later. They are here for six weeks in total, which made us jealous for a bit, until they confessed that one of them had left his camera on the boat and they had wasted quite a long time getting it back.

2 iceland heart
On Wednesday we drove on to route 1 via Selfoss and then on round to Vik. We were not unhappy to leave the highlands behind, as they are very windswept and rather dull by comparison to the coastal regions we had seen so far. It was even more dull along route 1

3 boring road

until we got east of Hvolsvöllur, after which the sights just came in thick and fast,

3a better countryside

we saw the Hekla volcano,

4 Hekla

which is meant to be active, but not doing a lot at the moment (probably just as well) and caught glimpses of another glacier.

3b Myrdalsjökull
It was waterfall heaven.

5 waterfall heaven

The two most notable were:

6 front of waterfall

7 behind the waterfall

where I knocked one thing off my bucket list by walking behind a waterfall (yeh!)- it was pretty amazing, if a bit damp, muddy, slippery (and I don’t think they would allow you to clamber around on the rocks like that in the UK)

and Skógafoss,

8 waterfall 2

which was tall, wide, powerful and in a pretty setting. Tim and I are finding it difficult to choose our favourite waterfalls, but who cares, you can just stand there and gaze in wonder and then jump out of the way of the spray when the wind changes.