The journey so far:
43 days on the road:
3345 miles by land, about 2000 miles by sea,
Days without any rain 10
Days with rain almost all day 3
Nights camping 35 Nights in hotels 4 Nights at sea 4
Countries visited 7
Days driven out of our tent by the weather 1
Number of times I got the numbers wrong ????

Well, we left Iceland and, having stayed in one of the weirdest hotel locations ever

1 hotel Nord Marina

(it was very comfortable on the inside and I think that I missed the point about it being ‘post industrial and funky’ according to all the reviews on

2 loading Camel onto boat

So it was goodbye to Iceland

4 Goodbye Iceland

It is interesting to discover how a change of country can make you feel. We loved Iceland and had the most fantastic time there. The Norröna gave us 2 very pleasant and lazy days of eating, sleeping and reading at sea. Getting on and off the boat was an experience in itself, as the vehicles are crammed in like sardines in a tin. They even pack them on the ramps so tightly that the cars have to back up to get off the boat. Great fun to watch, however!

3 cars on ramp

We arrived in Denmark and came to this most luxurious of campsites at Skiverin (do check it out- there are; a swimming pool, a bowling alley, crazy golf, a supermarket, threes amenities blocks each with countless loos and free showers THREE saunas and a gym, several ovens, about eight cooking hobs and the stainless steel sinks have draining boards have a lip on the outside so you don’t get dribbled on- luxury! There is even a nice room with a hair washing sink, two hairdryers and a bench where you can sit and do your make up). Coming here is like stepping into a lovely warm bath or eating tomato soup on a cold winter’s day; Denmark is probably the most comforting of places. It feels safe and welcoming and there is no likelihood of a volcano going off and causing the glacier to wash you out to sea. As I said, we loved Iceland, but it always felt very… edgy, as if the landscape could bite you at any minute, despite the lovely people there, and the wind always had a bitter edge to it. OK, so it started blowing a hooley on Sunday night, but we did feel relaxed for a bit.

On Sunday we got up late, after waiting for the rain to stop, and went to Grenen, the most northerly point in Denmark, where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea meet. It really is a fascinating and lovely place; there are endless, golden beaches, seabirds sunning themselves on the remains of German WW2 defences and Skuas giving stunning aerial displays as they bully some the smaller birds to nick their dinner. (Come to think of it, I have taught in schools with a similar ethos.)

5 Nazi fortifications6 seabirds

6 Beach

And then you get to the end of the tiny spit of land and watch waves from either sea crash into each other, creating a maelstrom that justifies the signs along the beach that warn of ‘danger of death’ if you try swimming there. The two seas are even of different colours. I only went there because I saw it on ‘Coast’, but it was well worth the trip.

seas meeting

On Sunday evening, we strolled down to the beach near the campsite and joined the rest of the people watching the sunset (sand blasting caused by the high winds is probably a good way to reduce your wrinkles…)

sunset Skiveren Beach

So after a nice long rest we are ready to catch the ferry to Norway. We just need to go south a bit to try to pick up some Evans waterless coolant, do some food shopping (to stave off the huge Norwegian bills) and on the the next leg of our journey.