I suspect it would be almost impossible to dislike Copenhagen;  you can camp within 6 km of the centre, you can cycle everywhere, the original buildings are preserved extremely well and it just feels… friendly (and safe, like all of Scandinavia).  We caught the train into town (we should have taken the Bromptons, but we copped out).  Central Copenhagen is easy to walk around, with more public art than I have seen nearly anywhere else, hods of interesting buildings and inviting museums.  It was too much to really explore on our timescale, but it has gone right to the top of our ‘places we really want to visit again’ list.

10 Copenhagen houses

9 candy cane tower

1 Copenhagen2

2 snake

3 Copenhagen4

2 Valcarie

We went to see the Little Mermaid; it is compulsory, I gather, although I don’t think you actually get arrested if you give it a miss, but there are so many fabulous sculptures in Copenhagen, I can only think that the necessity is due to Danny Kay (Copenhagen really is wonderful, but I could not get the damn tune out of my head all day).

4 Little Mermaid

We wandered on through the town in desperate need of a decent lunch and we ended passing by one of the many palaces in the city, where we overheard an attractive young British guide explaining that the Crown Prince lived there with his ‘unbelievably hot wife’.  I suggested that Tim also had a hot wife, but unfortunately that was because of being menopausal.  Meh!

5 Royal Palace

We found a great place for lunch, where you could watch the world go by and I finally got close to a moose.  Shame it was in a sandwich, but it was delicious.

7 Meet an Elk

8 Meet an elk 2

6 Decent beer

Denmark seems to be one of the friendlier countries in Scandinavia; while we were washing up a nice chap came up to chat with us and we had a lovely time talking to him.  He even (weirdly) has been to Bognor Regis.   He even was willing to talk to us after hearing we came from there! Friday evening we took shelter in the campsites communal TV/dining room and there was a Danish version of Strictly Come Dancing on.  We didn’t recognise any of the celebrities, but the locals looked just as hooked as in the UK.

On Saturday we drove onwards and, after  driving over the magnificent 30km bridge that connects over to Odense (even though it was probably longer than the one from Malmo the toll was a bit cheaper) we drove all the way south through to Germany and eventually found a lovely campsite on the Baltic coast at Suderbrarup.

11 building art

12 great bridge

13 worker

14 lighthouse

15 weird art

16 pretty 1

17 pretty2

18 pretty5

It is nice to find that it is possible to find a decent campsite (or even a campsite) in Germany.  On the way out from the UK, it seemed that there were no campsites here.  It was probably just due to a rubbish map and poor research!  We followed the sat nav (my spell checker just turned sat nav into sat nag!) from the road closure to here and it is not bad at all, despite the loos being weirdly smelly for Germany.

 The nice lady on reception made a special point of telling us about an ankle-biters’ (OK small children’s) candlelit procession just up the road in the ‘smallest city in Germany’ (Arnis, pop. 300)  that was happening that very evening only 4km away.  We were too weary to shift so we went there on Sunday instead.   We managed to cycle from one end to another in under five minutes!  It was very cute and we bought some great fish-filled rolls and some beer at an outside kiosk, but it was not very exciting at all. (I checked it on Wikipedia, where it says it is the smallest TOWN in Germany, but when I questioned the lady at reception, she insisted it was a city, like Berlin or Munich, due to the way it is administered).  The landscape round there was, however, most attractive and it looked like a paradise for the sailing fraternity.

19 Bromptons in Smallest town

The Bromptons go wild in Arnis

The road by the campsite is obviously a favourite route for Sunday motorcyclists and sadly, Tim was distracted by a group of them as we cycled back from the great metropolis and fell off his bike (he had only had less than a pint of beer, honest) and is rather grazed on various parts of his anatomy.  The worst part is that the bikes were not even worth looking at.  Oh well, I consoled him with plasters and more beer, so I think he is OK now.

20 happy tim