On monday we drove on through Germany; the first part was really lovely with some great views,

1 On the road Germany1

2 road 2

4 road

but then it was a very long and quite a stressful drive, as we spent a long time on the autobahn with the terrifying drivers going past on one side and lorry after lorry on the other.  With only two lanes you have to choose between endless boredom while sticking with the trucks or daring to go into the outside lane where the cars go so fast you can barely see them coming.  Still, at least we found out where the King went…

3 road

We went back through Hamburg, the glimpses of the port reminded me why I wasn’t too keen on it when we went with our motorcycle chums a couple of years ago.

5 road

6 road

7 road

I then had the cunning plan to cut across on B roads to Holland to get another flag. We are sadly trying to camp in as many different countries as possible- I blame Ralph, Matilda’s driver for this, because he showed us his collection of flag stickers on Matilda’s back window.  He and his friend have a competition going to collect as many countries as possible, the rule being that you have to have a meal there. (He and Belinda have been going on adventures for years and they are much more adventurous than us.  If you are interested his website is called overland-rovers.com). Tim and I actually had a serious discussion as to whether we could fit in Luxembourg this time. Daft, or what! (if you don’t know what I mean, have a look at a map).

After a REALLY tedious hour stuck behind a range of trucks, we ended up in Holland and found a campsite near Emmen, just over the boarder.  We are starting to feel grateful if a place is still open but this one was is very nice, although a bit like a ghost town. 

8 campsite alone

We got here at a minute to 5 on Monday and we were lucky to catch the woman on reception, as she was about to leave.  We think they may be other people here, but all I saw was a load of semi-tame rabbits, a ginger cat and some goats. 

9 Bunnies

10 goats

The shower block there looked fine, but there were mosquitoes the size of sparrows and the shower I used has a nasty habit of waiting for about 10 seconds after you push the button to deliver any water. It then stops after about 30 seconds and then you have another 10 seconds to wait until the next lot of water comes.  I felt a bit like a nervous wreck by the time I was clean. (It was nice to be clean, however!).

On Tuesday we cycled to Amsterdam, nah, it’s actually a tiny place called New Amsterdam. It was not far away from the campsite, but the surface of the roads was horrible and it felt like miles.  We indulged in a guilty pleasure that we picked up in Holland from just after we got married.  The evil practice of

11 Guilty pleasure

…. French fries and mayonnaise, preferably with beer.

On the way back we saw a local party

12 New Amsterdam Party

some Thelwell ponies

15 Dutch Thelwell Ponies

and a small child laughed at us on our highly stylish Bromptons. Pah!

14 Bromptons in New Amsterdam

While we have been travelling I have used my Nationwide Visa credit card in all sorts of places, from the tiniest town in the Faroe Islands to the largest cities, all over Scandinavia.  I have recently been unable to use it four times, twice in Denmark and now here at the large campsite in Holland and at the bar.  It seems that many places in Denmark only use Danish credit cards, Dutch places don’t like Visa and Lidl doesn’t like credit or debit cards at all. Meh! Luckily I had a stash of Euros with me.