Our travels so far

Our second trip was a very different affair compared to our first:

Trip 1

Distance travelled 9000 miles

Countries visited: 10 (11, if you count Lapland)

Number of ferry journeys: approximately 10

Number of tunnels: I lost count after 100

Number of times we ate out in 12 weeks: less than 10

Number of elk: 0

Number of times we nearly ran over a reindeer: 1

Average cost per day: about £90

Trip 2

Distance driven: 3400 miles

Countries visited: 3 (4 if you count Gibraltar)

Maximum stay in one campsite: seven nights

Number of ferry journeys: 1

Number of tunnels: I lost count after 10

Number of days we didn’t eat out at least once: 3

Number of elk:0

Number of deer: 1

Average cost per day: about £60

When we came back from our Scandinavian trip, we were pretty exhausted.  It was an amazing experience, but I think we learnt that it is not a good idea to set too many goals.  Our 7 plus weeks in Spain was much more restful and our outlook became more relaxed as time went on.

We absolutely loved Spain, the time we spent there was a real eye opener for me, especially.  Most of the countryside is outstandingly beautiful,  a tiny percentage of it is Costa del Yuck.  The food is way too good (we both put weight on) and the prices are very reasonable too.  Loads of places give out free food and nearly every Spanish person was extremely friendly and welcoming.  In fact I get the impression that Spain is a little in love with Britain. 

1 English lovers

3 Brit lap tray

4 Brits abroad

2 bus

5 speak english

6 English

In Spain, unlike Scandinavia, a fair few people we met had little or no English, and they were charmingly enthusiastic when I did my best to make myself understood in Spanish (it unfortunately came out in a garbled mix of Spanish, English and German, sometimes).  I found it quite amusing to hear a range of people of various nationalities complain about the lack of English.  I spent quite a lot of time speaking German on both trips.  So much for German only being useful in about three countries.

Spain has a lot of campsites open all year round but not all are as well set up for bad weather as those in Scandinavia; they do not have indoor cooking facilities and many do not have an indoor seating area.  Most had a bar, but some did not open at all or had restricted opening hours or were too posh to slob about with all our computers and book readers etc.  We found we were eating earlier and earlier as the nights closed in, as we did not have adequate lighting either inside or outside of the tent.  This is something we really must address before we head off again. 

Here are a few things that amused me as we travelled around

Excess signage

Excess signage

11 speed warning

No Wolves!

No Wolves!

Beware of Monsters

Beware of Monsters

10 poop

9 No Pooping!

Weather stone

Weather stone

13 weather stone 1

14 Karma

16 oil warning 2

15 oil warning

Lack of Imagination

Lack of Imagination

But this greeted us when we drove back home through Sussex

Back home

We have had a lovely time back at home and a super time catching up with friends and family.  I will be taking a short rest from blogging; we shall be heading off again on the 22nd of January and I will start again then.