Well, we are coming to the end of our week in Les Menuires.   We have had a fantastic time, although I can’t say its been the best week of actual skiing we have ever had.  We have seen a little of the sun but the visibility has been awful for a lot of the week. 

Tim 1

Rachel 1

janet 1

snowy trees

On Tuesday I ended up making my way down the lovely wide Les Menuires blue on my own (while Tim and Rachel were off doing much braver and faster things higher up the mountain) in white-out conditions.  I followed various people down, because that was the only way I could see the hill.  I sat down once when I scared myself and couldn’t stand up with my skis on (ever seen a bug stuck on its back?). I cleverly decided to take a ski off and, although I could then stand up, I couldn’t get the dang thing back on.  I tried whimpering but nobody stopped to help so I had to hobble across the piste with one ski on until I found a flat bit.  (It’s an awful lot nicer having two skis on, especially when it gets a bit steep).  I then promptly wiped out and lost a ski again. Needless to say, I decided to stay in the bar after that…

The flat we are staying in is in the Reberty end of Les Menuires and the (heated, yeh) ski locker room has direct access to the piste.  The term ‘ski to door’ has never been so appropriate (so much so that Tim came at it so fast once that he head butted it, just as well we decided to hire helmets this time). 

Rachel and Cow

Rachel 2

It has been lovely spending time with our daughter, Rachel and we have had lots of fun, eaten too much and had one really perfect day of skiing, when we went over to Val Thorens, had some great runs over there, went down a red by mistake (I managed to get down it without bursting into tears and very little bad language) (still a great wuss, though) and then skied over to St Martin for a slap up lunch. 

sunny day 2

sunny day

Tomorrow we have to head off down the mountain and Rachel has to catch the ski train.  I didn’t want to ski today; I had one attempt at the little local blue and decided that it was way too hairy.  There was over 30cm of snow overnight and the light was so flat you couldn’t see the lumps or (amazingly) the ice patches. (How can there be ice patches after so much snow?) I went out to take some photos instead and watched several people trying to extricate their cars and work out how to put on snow chains.  I think it will be interesting getting camel out tomorrow…Will karma catch me out for sniggering?

car park 2

snowy camel 2

snorkel in winter

Rachel and Tim braved another couple of runs but said it was pretty hairy up top and very cold (-17, according to the weather report).  The lower slopes always get very crowded in bad weather, but some nutters always refuse to slow down.  There is nothing quite so unnerving as the sound of a boarder coming up fast behind you or someone nearly running over your skis….

Tomorrow, we are off to another ski resort near Lake Geneva, where a friend of ours has kindly lent us his flat for a week.  Lets hope some of the snow ended up there, as there wasn’t much just before Christmas.