We arrived in Palermo at lunchtime on Sunday and, although the traffic was quite full on, Tim found it pretty relaxing.  I had located a nice-sounding campsite about 80km along the coast, so we headed straight there, seeking some rest and relaxation after Tunisia. 

The campsite was perched on a cliff, overlooking the sea, with a surprising large area hacked out in a series of terraces. 

3 Campsite finale

1 campsite finale view

2 Sea finale

7 Beach view finale

6 Finale sunset

We decided that this particular spot was the most sunny and decided to interpret the sign ‘caravans and campers only’ to mean that includes campers with tents.  The owner thought we might like to go down onto one of the lower terraces, but we liked this spot, as we could put Camel next to the tent and then enjoy the sunshine for most of the day.

The little town of Finale is only 500m from the campsite and we found a bar that sells beer(Yeh!) for only €2 for 666ml a nice little restaurant or two that are open this time of year, together with a nice supermarket and about three different butchers.  I went in one to buy some fresh meat and ended up, not only having an Italian lesson, but was lucky to get out without buying everything there.  The butcher was one fantastic salesman!  The local produce is delicious and we had a couple of nice little walks but otherwise we have just been about as lazy as you can be without staying in bed all day.  Living in the good old Tentipi after staying in hotels so much feels like coming home.  It’s also nice to have some home cooked food.

Finale is really tiny- you can walk from one end to the other in about ten minutes- it does have one of several lookout towers along the coast here, some huge but derelict factory buildings but very little else apart from some fabulous views and some rather weird statues…..

8 factory Finale

4 Finale view 3

9 Finale Elelphant man

10 statue