This is going to be a bit shorter than usual, because my laptop has just thrown a hissy fit and decided that I wasn’t allowed to edit my own photos.  After much bad language (sorry small children on our present campsite) I used the only real solution to computer problems I have in my bag of tricks……I turned the ******* thing off and on again and now it is pretending that there was never a problem in the first place.  About now I am starting to wonder if either a) my laptop enjoys taking the micky out of me or b) there is a medical condition whereby you start to think that a) is true….

Anyway, back to the blog.


We headed away from the lovely Levante coast feeling a little sad.  It is such a lovely area, what with the sapphire blue sea, the mountains and the tiny villages that have managed to establish a foothold in the most inhospitable countryside. 

3 road

8 road

Eventually we left the scary motorways of Italy wondering about the range of Italian stylishness

2 road 2

1 road 1

and entered into France, aiming to pay a quick visit to Monaco.  We left the motorway early, hoping to find a supermarket where we could find a few last Italian delicacies, but the road just wound down the cliff, through the housing estates, along a nice bit of coast and then…into France.  Meh!

4 road


We followed the signs to Monaco, hoping to see a bit of glamour.  To be honest, we spent most of the time saying ‘Are we there yet’; it was very hard to tell where the principality started.  When we got there, it was a real disappointment, one big long traffic jam was all we got.  Oh well, we’ve been there and now do not feel much of a desire to bother going back.

27 Monaco

I thought this job might keep someone busy

9 hard job

I had found a really good-sounding campsite just a few km away, near the town of La Colle Sur Loup, so we headed off there to check it out.  It was up in the hills, just a few miles from Nice and Monaco, and when we got there it was just what we wanted.  The site itself was pretty steep and we found it hard to imagine that a large RV could actually park where we did.  By the time Tim backed in, there was a really unpleasant smell of hot clutch in the air.


As we were sorting ourselves out I noticed something pretty exciting…….there was another Tentipi pitched just across the way.  (OK, you may think we are daft to get so enthusiastic, but, not only was someone else camping in a tent, but it was the first Tentipi we had seen since our first day in Iceland!).


A couple of hours later a very pretty red Defender (proper Land Rover) rolled up to the other Tentipi and out came a lovely young couple called Ian and Marie along with a gorgeous pair of very lively springer spaniels.  We got talking and (after considerable equipment comparisons(as you do)) I invited them back for drinks later on.


That evening we had a great time over wine and nibbles and then more wine and eating whatever we had in the fridge.  Ian is a major in the Royal Engineers and he told us a little of the three tours of duty he had experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am a pretty wussy person; I ski blues for preference and when things get scary while we are (I mean Tim is) driving, I shut my eyes.  It was quite something to hear Ian describe how much he enjoys active duty, including the times he had been on mine clearance.  Ian and Marie have been married for quite a while and her attitude about the danger that Ian faces is also far removed from my way of thinking. They are amazing people, but also great fun to be with.

We stayed three nights at the lovely campsite and we managed to do exciting things like fix the (multiple) leaks in the air mattress, go shopping, find some more camping gas, eat lots of food, drink wine and beer. (That makes a change, then)  The local village of was delightful



and the campsite had a donkey park (well, two donkeys anyway)


If only the toilets had loo seats…..